Thursday, 1 May 2014

Harris Tweed...sitting pretty!

We've recently been enjoying considerable success with our range of furniture upholstered in Harris Tweed, and when you see it you can appreciate why so many people are attracted to it and why it remains popular throughout the world.

Harris Tweed as we know it today came into production at the start of the twentieth century and gradually grew in popularity over the next 6 decades - in 1966 the hard working islanders were producing an amazing 7.6 million yards of material annually!

Like many popular products, cheaper mass produced copies started to appear on the market and Harris Tweed went through a challenging period, but like many truly high quality products it survived.  Not only did it survive, it is thriving today and fining new markets globally.

Top fashion designers have welcomed their lightweight range of materials with open arms, celebrities want the genuine article and designers are finding new applications for the fabrics almost daily.  It can be found on anything from hand-made shoes to iPad covers, so it's little wonder it's appeared as a suitable fabric for high quality furniture.

At John Dick & Son we believe in quality and during our 60 year history we have seen many cheaper competitors to our ranges appear on the market, but at the end of the day there's no replacement for quality.  

There is a temptation during challenging economic conditions to reduce standards to compete, but like Harris Tweed, we're please to have made the decision to continue on our 60 year old journey of quality and genuine value for money.

One of the reasons for the success of Harris Tweed (and something that makes it perfect for furniture) is it's durability. It is hard wearing and will look as good as new long after cheaper products have worn out.  Investing in quality furniture is a sound decision and Harris Tweed's enduring popularity may be the perfect choice of fabric to ensure your choice passes the test of time for design and durability.

We have a selection of Harris Tweed furniture on display in the showroom and our designers are happy to chat through the options for using this fascinating Scottish product.

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