Sunday, 23 February 2014

Sometimes we do too good a job!

Are you making the most of the space you have at home?

As time passes the space requirements of your home will change; kids leaving home is an obvious example of how you can be left with extra rooms.

Traditionally this is when we would consider downsizing to something more suitable for your future requirements but the recent housing market has made this a challenge. Yes, there are some good bargains to be had, however you are also potentially getting less for your existing property.

Alternatively, you may consider waiting a while for the market to pick up which means you have rooms that are empty, or rarely used. So why not transform these vacant rooms into something that you can use?

We recently helped a client in Newton Mearns to transform an unused room into a "Reading Room" and they are delighted with the outcome. The home already has a TV room and a formal lounge, but the client wanted somewhere to retire to read while the "football, golf and any other sport was blaring out in the TV room". Somewhere warm, cozy and relaxing, and most of all television free!

By doing some fairly simple decoration, adding some comfortable furniture and warm lighting (and a wine fridge!) the empty room has been transformed into something functional that will ultimately add value to the house if they come to sell.

Our interior designers were delighted to help with the furniture selection and colour scheme to create a stunning result in what was 'dead' space. But, we may have done to good a job; according to our client the room is now a favourite and the whole family want to use it!!!

If you have a room that may be put to better use, perhaps for a hobby or just a quiet place to hide away, please drop into the showroom where we're sure our range of furniture will provide you with some inspiration. If not, our designers will be happy to inspire you.

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