Wednesday, 29 January 2014

The real cost of 'Free'...

They say there's no such thing as a 'free lunch' and that's certainly the case most of the time. When it comes to favours or hospitality it seems to be generally accepted that nothing is for nothing yet when businesses advertise 'Free Delivery' we accept that delivery is indeed free - but is it?

If you've bought furniture online with 'Free Delivery' have you ever stopped to consider the cost of 'Free'?

Generally, furniture delivered from online stores is delivered by one of the big couriers and they don't ever give you a time for the delivery; if you're lucky, they may offer you morning or afternoon but, in our experience, even that is often is ignored.  So, you need to ensure someone is in the house to receive the delivery.

Often this means taking the day off work or asking someone to wait in your home until the delivery arrives; either way, it involves someone's time, and time is money!

At John Dick & Son we offer 'Free Delivery' and we try to make it is 'Free' as possible.  We will agree an appointment time with you and we will stick to that time.  During the 6 weeks before Christmas, one of our busiest delivery periods, we didn't miss one single appointment time.  Every customer received their delivery at the appointed time meaning they waited the minimum time for us to arrive.  You can even arrange deliveries around lunchtime so you may not need any time off work.

That's not all, our delivery personnel will unpack your furniture remove all the packaging materials - saving you even more time and effort.  But more importantly, making sure your delivery is exactly as you expected it to be.

But the cost of buying online can be even higher.  We spoke to a customer this week who received a cream coloured rug she had purchased online - it turned out to be pink!  Now, she has to wrap it up, label it and either wait for it to be picked up, or she has to take it to the Post Office - more time!  Colour is always an issue when buying online and even if it arrives the right colour, is it the right shade?

Size is another issue; have you ever bought something online that is not the size, scale or weight that you expected?

You see, sometimes things appear to be a bargain, or even 'Free', but it rarely works out that way.

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