Sunday, 26 January 2014

Furniture trends for 2014 - the future looks bright...

We attended the UK's main furniture trade show in Birmingham last week and met with many of our regular suppliers and some new ones too. It's always a busy week but we enjoy getting together with them and seeing what's coming for the following year.

Seeing all the main manufacturers in one location gives us a clear indication of the trends for the year ahead and this year's selection has got us really excited.

This year we would sum up the 'look' as rustic and rural, almost hunting lodge style with lots of character and much more attention to detail.  Slivers and chromes were less prominent than previous years and seem to have been replaced with more brass and gold.

There is a move towards bright, but warm colours and lots of mixing of fabrics.  Velvet complemented with satin trims and tweeds with leather detail were just a couple of ways we saw materials being used together.

Tweed was very evident and it's great to see that Harris Tweed's popularity is not restricted to the world of fashion; we've ordered a whole range of sofas and chairs in very distinctive woven patterns.

The show offers a wide range of styles, and whilst we did focus most of our attention on current trends we still found the odd exception like the outstanding pool table and some new pieces from Fama as you will see in the pictures below.

The following pictures are just a small selection of the pieces we saw, but we've published over 100 pictures from the show on our Facebook page so take a minute to have a look, we're sure they'll be something for everyone's taste.

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