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7 tips to transform your home without breaking the bank!

Christmas is fast approaching and it's that time of year when you're possibly going to be entertaining more than ever and, like most people, you're probably thinking your home could do with some changes.  The good news is, you don't need to spend a fortune to brighten up your home and perhaps change the look and feel of your rooms in time for the festive season.  In this blog post we provide some simple ideas that can change the focus of your room without making wholesale changes.

Get cool with cushions...
Cushions are a fantastic accessory, forget the added comfort they offer - they can transform the look of your room and the more adventurous you get, the greater the impact! You can even change them to suit the seasons; oranges and browns in tweed for the Autumn, bright flowery patterns in satin in the Summer or even red and green velvet for Christmas.

If you want to have something even more versatile why not look at double-sided cushions, perhaps tweed on on side and leather on the reverse.  The possibilities are endless and it really is a fairly cheap way to change the look and feel of your room.

Sit back and enjoy Ottomans and Stools...
If you're having the whole family round for Christmas you will probably need some extra seating and ottomans and stools can provide extra occasional seating but they can also add colour and introduce other textures to your room.  As with cushions, ottomans are extremely flexible and you can easily change the cover and the material to suit the seasons or indeed your mood.

Switch the mood with Lamps...
Lighting is perhaps one of the easiest ways to change the look, feel and mood of a room so why not add a couple of lamps or even a standard lamp to change your room.  And remember, it's not just the illumination that will create the mood, the shades provide yet another opportunity to introduce colour and texture.

If you select large bold lamps they can become a real feature in a room without breaking the bank and again you have the flexibility to change the shade colour whenever you wish.

Reflect on mirrors...
Mirrors are functional but they can also be wall art; creating a striking impact with a bold mirror is a great way to change the focus of your room and in many cases it can make rooms look larger.  In fact, introducing bold wall art in general is a great way to set the mood in a room and it doesn't have to be a picture, it could be an overside clock for example.

Feature a wall...
You may not be planning to completely redecorate however you could consider changing the wall covering of one wall. There are some amazing wall coverings available that can really make a statement and transform your room.  

We recently published a blog post entitled "The Williamson WOW factor" where we featured some stunning wall coverings and fabrics from Osborne & Little, this is just an example of what can be achieved, we have hundreds of wall coverings to choose from and you're sure to find something that can WOW your visitors this Christmas.

Tie it back in style...
Replacing curtains could be outwith your budget however replacing tie backs can transform the curtains you already have. Choose something that contrasting either in colour or texture - or both.  If you want something glitzy for the festive season, take a look at some of the amazing 'metallic' style fabrics that were featured in a previous blog entitled "Gold, Silver and inspired", perhaps it can give you some inspiration that will brighten up your curtains?

Be eclectic with your furniture...
It might not be the right time for you to replace all of the furniture but have you considered the eclectic approach?  Consider adding a chair that compliments your existing furniture but also becomes a feature of the room.  Perhaps the most obvious is our Kittoch Chair which is available in any Tartan but we have lots of options in many styles that can be covered in whatever fabric you wish.  A popular choice at the moment is the intimate 'snuggler', ideal for cuddling up in front of the Christmas telly!  

If you do consider this option and wish to get something specially made you should decide soon if you want it for the Christmas period.  However, with over 80 sofas and chairs in our showroom you may see something in stock that suits your taste.

Sally's simple tips...
Take a look at the video below, it was made a couple of years ago but Sally's advice is as relevant today as it was then - a good demonstration that this sound advice is genuinely timeless.  Sally explains some of the ways you can completely transform the look and feel of your room without incurring massive expense.

We're here to help...
We hope this post has given you some food for thought and perhaps some inspiration, we'd love to see you in the showroom where you can see lots of examples of the things discussed in the post and if you need some help you with your choices we will be happy to assist.

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