Wednesday, 16 October 2013

The Press reminds us its not all sofas and chairs...

We thought we'd share some recent press coverage with you here on the blog. Surprisingly, the coverage is not all about our sofas and chairs - with over 80 in stock it's understandable that we get lots of newspapers and magazines featuring our range.

The cuttings we're sharing here are about some of the other things we have on offer in the showroom.  Firstly, the Sunday Herald did an article at the time of the birth of the royal baby where they explored how the Royal nursery might look.  We were happy to contribute to the article and mention the beautiful range of nursery tales fabrics and wall coverings by Jane Churchill.  We have a full range of sample books for this range in the showroom.
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The next piece of coverage we're featuring was in No.1 Magazine when one of our clocks was featured.  We have a fabulous selection of these trendy large scale clocks that are proving to be very popular with our customers.  We do tend to focus on the larger furniture pieces in most of our promotional material but it is worth bearing in mind we have a large selection of mirrors, lamps, wall art and ornaments - many of these make ideal wedding and house warming gifts.

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Finally, it's almost impossible to escape the coverage we get for our chairs and sofas so we've picked one to feature here.  You will have seen details of our new Fama range in previous blog posts and it's nice to see the press taking an interest in it too.  The range has been extremely successful for us already with lots of orders for this fantastically well designed high quality furniture from Spain.

The Herald featured the Fama Moon Chair; as you can see, it is as beautiful as it is flexible, a real joy to look at and to relax in.  We have a special showroom dedicated to the Fama range and the best way to appreciate the quality and the comfort is to come in and try it out.  We'll even provide a coffee so that you can really relax and enjoy the experience.

You'll also notice The Herald featured an old favourite - The Kittoch Chair. Available in any tartan, it remains one of the most popular chairs that we stock and perhaps made a little more famous this year by Dame Helen Mirren! READ MORE

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