Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Sometimes we like to cloud your judgement...

We recently published a blog post entitled "Coals to Newcastle...or Spain to be precise" in which we highlighted John Dick & Son projects for clients in Barcelona, New York, Bangalore, France and Scandinavia, to name but a few. The post has sparked significant interest among our readers about how we can successfully complete design projects remotely, and how our clients manage to approve designs and specifications without being in the showroom. There are two basic elements to the answer - trust and technology.

Yes, if we're doing a project where valuable furniture is being shipped across the world without the client seeing it first there has to be a high level of trust; thankfully our reputation, experience, and almost 70 years of trading means we do enjoy a high level of trust with our clients.

Technology is what really makes the difference. Complementing all of our traditional values is a willingness to adopt technology when it can improve the service we offer our clients. The web site and social media activity are testament to this but it's the things you perhaps don't see that really make it easy for us to work around the globe.

Every client, whether local or overseas can utilise the system we have developed to manage an interior project. Indeed, many of our local clients are very busy and find it useful to look at their project at a time that suits them.

We set up a private online area for each client where we can show them all of the furniture, fabric samples, drawings, colour palettes etc. We even share prices and quotes privately in a central area where every detail of their project can be viewed whenever they have the time to access it. The client can also upload documents and photographs, or even scans from magazines to share with us. So, if they see something they like they can add it to a mood board for our designers to take into consideration.

Operating this cloud solution has meant we can work much more quickly and keep in touch with our clients no matter how busy they are or in which part of the world they happen to be.

We love our clients to visit, we even provide an endless supply of free coffee while the browse our extensive collections, but we also appreciate the busy lives you lead and if our cloud solution can help you then we are equally happy.

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