Tuesday, 2 July 2013

Fitted or free-standing...take time and sleep on it

Our blog posts tend to feature the design and furnishing of public rooms; living rooms, formal lounges, TV rooms and dining rooms have featured in the past but we haven't often featured bedrooms.  Thinking about it, we spend lots of time in our bedrooms, it's the last place in the house we see every night and the first room we see when we wake in the morning so we thought we would write a post about bedroom furniture.

For a long time fitted furniture was the preference for bedrooms and many modern homes come with fitted wardrobes as standard however, we have noticed an increase in demand for free-standing bedroom furniture like our Painted range. At John Dick & Son we've noticed a similar trend with kitchens, people are moving towards individual pieces rather than completely fitted kitchens.

Perhaps one of the reasons for this is flexibility; if you opt for free-standing furniture you have the option to move things around and change the look and feel of the room as and when you please.  Fitted furniture in bedrooms usually leaves you with very few options for change, particularly when the bed, drawers and dressing tables are integrated into the design. 

If you have fitted wardrobes only, you still have the option of buying free-standing chest of drawers, bedside tables, dressing table, mirrors and occasional chairs and this will offer you some flexibility to move things around when you want.

We also tend to find that free-standing furniture leaves more visible wall space so there is an opportunity to introduce (and change) your wall-coverings - maybe even have a feature wall with some bold colours and patterns.  Needless to say, it usually leaves more space for your favourite wall art too.

So, when you're considering a change to your bedroom we suggest you take a look at the free-standing furniture available and explore how it might look in your room. Before you jump down the fully fitted route it's worth taking a little time to sleep on it before you make your choice!

If you need some assistance with wall-coverings or fabrics for your bedroom you can always ask our interior designers to assist.  We have a fully stocked and extensive sample room where you can choose from literally hundreds of fabrics and wall-coverings. If you would like to speak to an interior designer please call us on 0141 644 1115.

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