Tuesday, 4 June 2013

We've got sun and style - The Great Gatsby style...

When the sun comes out everyone seems to be happier and even Radio 2 played the Sunscreen Song by Baz Lurhmann earlier today so that's a sign that summer is on its way. However, it's Baz Lurhmann's latest work that's getting everyone excited just now - The Great Gatsby has hit our screens and what beautiful decor it depicts.  We're doubly excited here at John Dick & Son because Zoffanny's new opulent, Art Deco inspired, Lexington wallpaper collection has also arrived.

The collection introduces a stunning new ‘scatter’ technique of applying fine translucent beads to the surface of the design, creating a fabulously luxurious sparkling effect.

These 21st century methods of printing suit perfectly the glamour of the Lexington collection, which recalls the modern movement of the Art Deco era. As you will appreciate from the film, this was a period of innovation and extravagance, when the restrained beauty of works by the French designer, Jean Dunand, and Irish furniture designer, Eileen Grey, co-existed with the theatrical flair of Hollywood.

Many influences of this period, such as decorative lacquer work, rich inlays of wood and metal, elaborate glazed mosaics and distinctive architectural decoration are subtly reflected in these papers, all of which are designed and manufactured in England.

Berkeley has been inspired by fine inlay patterns produced during the Art Deco period when materials such as mother of pearl, ivory, metal and coloured stones were painstakingly incised into elegant carpentry. Berkeley features a sunray pattern in a medium-scale geometric layout and is printed with opaque and transparent inks onto foil, available in five colours.

Tivoli has been adapted from block-printed wallpaper dating from the Art Deco period. The style and subject matter is typical of the time and, to enhance a sense of Hollywood glamour, the paper has been embellished with sparkling ‘scatter’ beads and is printed in four colours.

Lexington features a smart, graduated stripe on a striĆ© ground, available in seven tonal colours.  ‘Scatter’ beads add an element of contemporary glamour to this classic and elegant design.

Vienna reflects the rich faƧades and tiled interiors of Art Deco buildings, with a mosaic pattern arranged as rows of overlapping, iridescent colours. It is printed as a wide width vinyl with a fitted emboss, available in ten glowing colours.

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