Tuesday, 7 May 2013

An arrival from Spain has us all excited...

At John Dick & Son we are proud of all the ranges we offer; our expertise in choosing good quality furniture is based on almost 70 years experience and four generations running our family business.  However, every now and again we find something truly special, something that excites us, even after all these years. Our latest new range is one of these special finds.

Fama, a Spanish manufacturer, create some of the most inspiring and beautiful furniture you are likely to find on sale today.  Not only is it made to the highest possible quality, it is offered in a fantastic range of colours and fabrics which are remarkably easy and fun to explore via their virtual simulator - take a look at it and enjoy testing your design skills as you mix and match the thousand's of permutations.

The number of colour combinations is equally matched by the flexibility of the furniture; sofas that can be arranged in multiple ways to ensure they fit your home to chairs that recline and move with your body, the options are endless.  And, it doesn't end with the seating; there are tables that rise and move towards you when you want to work or eat that incorporate useful and discrete storage units.

However, it's the comfort of this furniture that you really have to experience; yes, it looks great and it's extremely functional but sit on it and you immediately appreciate why we are so excited about Fama.  We always encourage our customers to try our furniture - you can even kick off your shoes and put your feet up and with this range you'll quickly find a relaxing position that suits you and the rest of the family - your biggest problem will be agreeing on the colour and layout options.

We've included some images of the furniture and a video from Fama but it only tells half the story - the proof of what we say really lies in trying this furniture for yourself.  We now have a wide selection from the Fama range in the showroom for you to try - we offer an open invitation to you to come and discover why we are so pleased to bring it to you.

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