Wednesday, 14 November 2012

From blank canvas to a work of art...

At John Dick & Son we love it when clients come to us with a blank canvas like the project we've just completed in Strathaven. As you will see from the pictures, there really was a lot of building work undertaken to create the space for Julie's new kitchen, dining and living area but it did provide a blank canvas for our design team.  

In many ways, working with a completely new space is easier than accommodating existing room features however, it does present other challenges that have to be addressed.  A completely new space is often more difficult for the client to visualise in it's finished state, that's where good clear mood boards and design drawings really play their part.  We also have to judge such things as the natural light conditions at various times of day, it's all very interesting and important if we are to achieve the desired ambiance.

With the project in Strathaven we were very fortunate that the client had complete trust in our judgement and, she was open to considering our suggestions and recommendations.  It is important for us to form a close working relationship with our clients, we need to understand their likes and dislikes and their overall objectives.  Here's what Julie had to say about our service, "I have recently completed an extension and kitchen conversion. The extension left me with a blank canvas which Sally has designed and filled far beyond my expectations. Every aspect of the room was fully discussed and all my likes and dislikes taken into account before we made the final decisions."

The successful implementation of any design project depends on meticulous planning, checking and double checking; at John Dick & Son we leave nothing to chance and we're even more delighted when the client appreciates the effort we take to make sure everything turns our just as we planned it.   Here's what Julie had to say about our attention to detail, "I would recommend John Dick and Son to anyone, regardless of whether you need led or have a definite idea for your design needs you will be in very capable hands.  Nothing was left to chance; Sally visited my home on several occasions with sample books and tape measure in hand. Sizes checked and double checked, colours matched and re-matched. Sally was extremely patient and understanding when I was completely frazzled with the whole building process. 

My curtains, sofa, chairs, dining table, soft furnishings, wallpaper and lighting have all come from John Dick and Son. It was brilliant being able to work with Sally knowing that she had a great team behind her looking after all my needs."

It was a pleasure to work on this project, we are as delighted with the final result as the client appears to be, we're sure you'll be impressed (and slightly envious) of the beautiful space that Julie and the design team at John Dick & Son have created.

If you have an interior design project, whether a new extension or an existing space, that you would like to discuss with the design team at John Dick & Son please email Sally at or give us a call on 0141 644 1115, we will be happy to have a coffee and chat about how we can assist you.

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