Friday, 21 September 2012

Furniture trends autumn 2012 - The future is eclectic

Having just returned from an interesting buying trip we are very excited about the furniture on order and can’t wait for it to arrive!

We found massive changes in style, particularly with the many different and unusual sofa ranges showcasing. As homes have become more open and in many cases multi purpose, styles and shapes have evolved to suit.

Most noticeable is the size, some are huge, from sofas to corner sofas, it now seems that the corner is starting to fill in and the sofas are like huge “beds” that all the family can lie on! On the other end of the scale some are very neat and ideal for a kitchen, conservatory or the spare room.

We loved to see colour making a big come back too! Duck egg blue, putty greys, and soft yellows in soft linen and chenille as well as cosy autumn hues, tweedy browns soft reds and greens with antique brown leather trims. Colours such as these also made a big impact on some of the gorgeous patterned upholstery fabrics that were used to transform many pieces, giving them a whole new look!

There was also no shortage of glamour with metallic fabrics, shiny silvers, purples and pinks with luxurious tumbled velvets, strong prints and shimmering damasks.

With an abundance of cabinet furniture to choose from to compliment the great range of upholstery the styles and possibilities are endless. From fine regency to rustic industrial styles and everything in between!

The buzz word from our trip is “eclectic”. When choosing furniture these days the rules are that there are no rules!!!

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