Monday, 13 August 2012

Gold, Silver or inspired.

That's it all over for another 4 years, the Olympics now moves to Rio in 2016 and what a fantastic event London 2012 turned out to be, there were lots of inspiring stories and memorable moments. As in all competition, there were winners and losers however, we salute every athlete for their effort, commitment and determination to do their best in pursuit of Gold, Silver or Bronze.

For the past two weeks, Olympic fever has swept the country; celebrations for wins of Gold, Silver or Bronze have enthralled the nation and captured the imagination of millions so, we thought there's no better time to inspire you with some winning ways to add a touch of sparkle to your interiors!

Here are just a few examples to show you how metallics can add memorable highlights to your room.

We have a very large selection of fabrics and wall-coverings suitable for every room in your home.  And, if you need a little inspiration, Team JD's interiors designers are always available to help you to achieve a winning look!

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