Tuesday, 16 August 2011

We don't want to be your interior designers...

Of course the heading is not strictly true - we would love to be your interior designers but, if you have your own design ideas that's fine with us too, we're happy to pull them together, organise samples and provide your furniture.

We've found this particular policy very beneficial in recent times, particularly when working with architectural practices on commercial projects.  The high cost of maintaining an up-to-date library of sample books and producing mood boards has led many architects (and even interiors designers) to evaluate that particular service and many have had to let it go completely.  John Dick & Son are happy to fill that void and work with architects and designers so they can continue to offer these services to their clients.

Furthermore, many interior designers and architects come to John Dick & Son to source furniture because we have long standing relationships with many of the major furniture manufacturers.  Our relationships have been built up over a 50+ year history in the market and we enjoy a high level of trust within the industry.  We can provide most things, whether it's a traditional or contemporary design or, a full building to a single room we'll be happy to chat through the options.

So, if you are involved in interior design, either as an architect or an interior designer, please give as a call or arrange to meet us for a coffee and a chat to find out how we can work together and improve the service that you can offer your clients.

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