Tuesday, 14 June 2011

We've been busy getting ready for Saturday...

On Saturday we are hosting  Interior Design Clinics all day in the showroom when you get the opportunity to talk to our interior designers and get the benefit of their knowledge and experience.

The good news is, we've just received a massive delivery of new stock so it will be our on show for you at the weekend.  This week we've added over 100 lamps with shades starting from as little as £25 and, over 200 accessories from candles to wine coolers.

We're delighted that they arrived this week, it means the people coming to enjoy our refreshments and food on Saturday will be among the first to see them.  Today we started to unpack all of the boxes but we did take some time out to take a couple of pictures!

It's all very informal; no need to make an appointment, we'll be here all day and the interior designers will be on hand if you want a chat.

We'd love to see you so, if you're in the area please drop in, say hello and have a browse around.

Interior Design Clinic - 18th June 2011
We are hosting an Interior Design Clinic and you're invited - Click Here

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