Tuesday, 28 June 2011

A successful clinic day, in more ways than one...

We had our Interior Design Clinic on Saturday 18th June and it turned out to be an enormous success; lots of regular customers  turned up to say hello and, lots of new customers came to find out what John Dick & Son is all about. Many of them were pleasantly surprised by the range of furniture we stock, one or two were even surprised to see a selection of high quality contemporary furniture.

Perhaps the biggest surprise for us, and our visitors, was the reception we witnessed for our extensive range of accessories. We have lamps and shades, wine coolers, picture frames, candles and candlesticks to name but a few.  And, whilst the quality is to to our usual high standard, the prices are very reasonable with lamps (including shades) from as little as £25. If you're looking to put the finishing touches to a room or, you need to buy a gift for someone, drop in and see what we have to offer – you wont be disappointed!

Once again, thank you to all of you who came to see us on the 18th, we appreciate your support and look forward to seeing you again soon.

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