Friday, 20 May 2011

What price for the little things that make a big difference?

We reported back in December 2010 about a happy customer who had received his dining room furniture just before Christmas and, why he was so pleased with John Dick & Son. We thought it might be worth revisiting this subject to highlight some of the things you may not realise.

The customer was happy with their purchase which was to be expected, after all they chose it. But, it was the little things that perhaps we don't shout about enough that made him particularly happy; the things that we take for granted!

Free delivery in our own delivery van
Yes, we have our own delivery department which means we are in total control of when you get your delivery. We always agree a time that suits you and stick to it. We know your time is valuable and we don't expect you to write off a day waiting for your delivery.

We don’t do flat pack
When our delivery staff arrive with your furniture they will unpack it, and get it into the exact position you want it. Yes, they will move it back and forward and side to side until you are 100% satisfied that it’s where you want it.

We don’t do rubbish
Your purchase is important to us, we take great care to pack and protect it during transit and that means lots of packaging. You don’t need to worry about any of that because we will remove all of the packaging leaving you only with what you place, in perfect condition.

So, what’s the price of these small but vital bits of service?
You may think that service comes at a price but, here’s the amazing thing, we’re still cheaper than many high street furniture retailers. We are a family business and we take pride in our service and our reputation and that trust has been earned over many years providing quality furniture at a fair price. Below you will see two similar leather suites; the one on the left is from John Dick & Son made in Britain to the very highest quality – Price £1795 Including Delivery. The one on the right is from a high street retailer - Price £2650 Excluding delivery!

So, quality and service needn’t cost extra,,,if fact, it could cost you less.

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