Saturday, 23 April 2011

Is using an Interior Designer a luxury and an unnecessary expense?

Using an Interior Designer may strike you as a luxury or, an unnecessary expense but, you should look at it differently. We meet people every day who say they don't like the suite they have and they really haven't ever been happy with it. Or, they have never like the curtains they chose because the just didn't quite turn out the right way. These are common complaints from people with varied room sizes and budgets, people who didn't quite manage to make the whole room work they way they imagined it. That's where an Interior Designer comes in; developing your ideas, tastes, likes and dislikes into a space "that works".  In the video and blog post below, Sally and Lynsey explain some of the interior design services that John dick & Son offer.

If you're investing in a new interior or simply a new piece of furniture, you want to be sure it's what you are looking for and you will continue to enjoy it in the future so why not use an extra pair of eyes and ears that are expert in getting the right result? Often a room doesn't quite work and it requires only some minor final touches or, a vital introduction of a colour, that suddenly pulls the whole thing together - that is what we offer via our Interior Design service at John Dick & Son.

We work closely with you to establish the desired look, feel and style; if necessary we will produce plans, drawings and mood boards to help you envisage the end result. When you are happy with the design we can manage the project through to completion making sure the whole thing is delivered on time and, on budget.

Often it is assumed that Interior Designers only get involved in a complete refurbishment of a room or even a house, this is not the case. Most of the projects we work on involve the introduction of new pieces, wall coverings or, curtains that have to integrate with existing furniture. You may have a family heirloom or piece of furniture you particularly like, that's no problem, we're used to working with old and new and making them live together in your interior.

Initial consultations are free and informal when we have a chat and explore what look, feel and style you want to achieve, after that it's up to you, if you want us to help you we are more than happy to do so. If you would like an free consultation please call Sally Dick on 0141 644 1115 or email: we will be happy to arrange a suitable time to meet and have a chat.

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  1. If you have an interior design question or, a question for Sally or Lynsey please post it here.

  2. To what extent does your interior design influence the external design of the building or perhaps you take your inspiration from the external architectural 'style'?

  3. When designing interiors we often take inspiration from the architectural style and period of a property. Interior & exterior features can complement each other so well when the designs are sympathetic to one another. That is not to say however that using a variety of influences, eras & styles together does not work as this can also give an often dramatic and eclectic finish. Nothing is set in stone when designing an interior as so many varied looks can be achieved by approaching a project from a different viewpoint.