Friday, 31 December 2010

The small things we do make a big difference

Happy customers are not unusual at John Dick & Son in fact, it's the norm.

The reason we mention this particular customer is to highlight something he pointed out to us, something we simply take for granted - the benefit of using John Dick & Son.

The customer chose a beautiful walnut dining table and chairs which naturally he is very happy with but, it was two aspects of our service that particularly delighted them.

Having bought furniture online and from bigger retailers in the past, the customer was used to being told when it would be delivered but he had never in the past been consulted about when it would suit him to receive his delivery. The suite was ready to be delivered long before he was ready to receive it so, we kept it until his dining room was complete and he was ready to take delivery. In this case, his preferred date for delivery was Christmas Eve and we duly obliged and even gave him a specific delivery time... his suite was in place ready for his family Christmas Dinner.

The second thing he remarked on? When we deliver furniture to customers we don't get a signature at the door and leave, we unpack the furniture, put it together and help you arrange it the way you want it. We then remove the packing materials and leave you with your new furniture - in place and ready to use.

It's great to get feedback from customers, we appreciate being told if we're doing something right and, we want to know if there's something we could improve. We're pleased our customer said we, "made his Christmas" and we're happy that he took the time to explain two very simple things that made the difference... two things we do for every customer.

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