Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Bespoke solution for Royal Troon Clubhouse

John Dick & Son were recently challenged with the problem of ugly wires, sockets and switches getting in the way of the design brief for the Clubhouse at Royal Troon Golf Course.

After fulfilling the design brief, there was one problem that is often over looked and that is ugly wires being on show. This detracts the eye from the beautiful piece of furniture to the ugly industrial looking wire.

Sally Dick, Interior Designer at John Dick and Son realised that she needed to come up with a solution to the problem. Sally said that these are the finer attention to detail that clients expect from an Interior designer and that in general are mostly overlooked.

A bespoke Solid Oak table lamp was designed especially for the client. A hole was drilled in the top of the table so that the cable could be filtered down and then another hole was drilled in the leg of the table and also the base, this helped to disguise the unsightly cable.

By doing this all eyes are on the Solid Oak table and not the wires, allowing the clientele to enjoy the atmospheric light that the table lamp gives off.


  1. Such a simple solution to an age old problem, well done to John Dick & Son.

  2. Sweet. I'm a member, what room is that ?

  3. Hi there and thanks for the comment, it's always good to get feedback, especially from someone who's going to be a user of the interior we're creating.

    The tables featured in the blog will be used in the Ailsa Room which is due for completion early 2011.

    I hope you like the finished result, please take a moment to come back to the blog and tell us what you think.

  4. Ah, the Ailsa Room, the last part of the puzzle. I'll keep an eye out for it when the weather and my dodgy arm gets me back on the course. Great work, Fraser.